Shabbat in the Beit Shean Hostel

This past Shabbat in our Beit Shean hostel was amazing. After a beautiful Kabbalah Shabbat full of carlebach tunes, all of the guests in the hostel sat down together for the Friday night meal. When we finished the delicious dinner the whole dining room sounded with Shabbat shirim. To entertain ourselves for the rest of the night, we played a […]

Up at 4am on Shavout

I would never wake up at 4am in the morning, but on Shavuot it’s a different story. After going to bed after a late Shavuot dinner, we woke up at 3:30am and walked to the kotel. On our way there hundreds of Jews wearing anything from jeans to Chassidic garb joined us. By the time we arrived at the wall […]

Touring the City of David

We began our day at the City of David. There we saw ancient homes, one of which was the home of King David’s high ranking servants. Later we walked through the tunnels and discovered how water was collected during King David and Shlomo’s reign. After traveling through the dry tunnels and headed toward the water tunnels. The water tunnel was […]

Flying Over Tel Aviv

After 15 hours in the air, I can definitely say the highlight of the ride was flying over Tel Aviv. The sun had already set, and the city’s lights were shining bright against the evening sky. After landing at Ben Gurion, we claimed our luggage in the nearly empty airport, and we drove to Yerushalayim. At around 10:30 we arrived […]