“The rabbis who codified Jewish law, made it so easy for couples to marry that the minimal requirements for carrying out a kosher Jewish wedding can be summed up in a few words: the bride accepts an object worth more than a dime from the groom, the groom recites a ritual formula of acquisition and consecration, and these two actions must be witnessed. That constitutes a Jewish wedding; the rest of the traditions associated with Jewish weddings – the chupah, the seven wedding blessings, the breaking of a glass, even the presence of a rabbi – are customs. Custom changes over time and differs from one nation to the next. Some Jewish wedding customs have been discarded and forgotten, and some persist with even greater symbolic and emotional power that the religious prescriptions.” —Anita Diamant, The New Jewish Wedding

Tiferet would love to celebrate your Simcha with you!

Our Rabbi can assist you with any ceremony or religious questions, while our office staff is happy to aide your planning process by recommending local vendors.

Our Sanctuary, Chapel, Foyer & Katz Hall available for rental, and a Bride’s room and Mikvah are available.We have both Kosher meat and dairy kitchens for Kosher catering. For information and availability see our facilities information or contact the office.

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