This week’s Parsha- Vayera


Let me be charitable. Gina Peddy, Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Carrol ISD in Southlake may have been misquoted, taken out of context, or possibly not have realized what she was saying when she advised teachers that if they had a book about the Holocaust in the classroom, they should also have a book in their classroom with an opposing view. Better stated, perhaps Ms. Peddy had no idea what she was talking about.

When it comes to facts, there can be no opposing view. There can be no opposing view that Rabbi Shawn B. Zell is currently rabbi at Congregation Tiferet Israel in Dallas. That too is a fact. Opposing views deal with behavior and attitude. It is entirely acceptable and even advisable, that if there were a book on Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli, more commonly known as Pope Pius XII in Carol ISD or any other school district in this country depicting him as a saint, there should also be a book depicting Pope Pius XII as an embarrassment to Catholicism, so much so, that he was also referred to as Hitler’s Pope. Alternately, Carol ISD as well as any school district in this country would be well advised, if when teaching about the Holocaust, they would do their students a great service, if they would have books with opposing views on President Franklin Roosevelt responsibility to six million humans targeted for annihilation, based solely on having been born Jewish…

We are Collecting Memories for Rabbi & Shirah Zell

Rabbi & Shirah Zell’s last Shabbat with Tiferet Israel will be
November 13, 2021

We are creating a scrapbook for Rabbi & Shirah Zell and we need your help to fill it with special memories. If you would like to include a photo, card, letter, or email to them, please send it to

Tiferet Israel
10909 Hillcrest Road
Dallas, TX 75230

or email it to

The messages will be added to the scrapbook in the format they are received and will not be edited or reproduced. 

The deadline is October 25th

November Book Club

Tuesday, November 16
4 pm via Zoom

Jacobo’s Rainbow is a historical literary novel set primarily in the nineteen sixties during the convulsive period of the student protest movements and the Vietnam War. It focuses on the issue of being an outsider. Written from a Jewish perspective, it speaks to universal truths that affect us all.

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of a transformative event in Jacobo’s life, the day he is sent to jail, he writes about what happened behind the scenes of the Free Speech Movement which provides the backdrop for a riveting story centered on his emergence into a world he never could have imagined. His recording of those earlier events is the proximate cause of his being arrested. Jacobo is allowed to leave jail under the condition of being drafted, engages in gruesome fighting in Vietnam, and returns to continue his work of chronicling America in the throes of significant societal changes.

Jacobo’s Rainbow is a story of triumph over adversity (hypocrisy, loss, lies, murder, concealment, prejudice) that is told with vivid descriptions, perceptive insights, humor, and sensitivity, which enables the reader to identify with the characters who come to life in a realistic fashion to illustrate who we are, how we behave, and what causes us to change.

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