High Holy Days

Rabbi Zell


Skittish about Yiddish—Rosh Hashanah Words
Skittish about Yiddish—Sukkot Words
What does Judaism say about Rosh Hashanah
What does Judaism say about Sukkot

Selichot Service

Selichot Service with Michael Blashka

High Holy Day Sermons

Rosh Hashanah Day 1 Sermon
Rosh Hashanah Day 2 Sermon

Kol Nidre Sermon
Yom Kippur Sermon
Yom Kippur Yizkor Service

Sounding the Shofar

Sounding the Shofar with Jerry Candy

The Book of Jonah

Read in English by Sonia Meltzer

President’s Message

Shirley Rovinsky

Cantor Cohen

Rosh Hashanah Prayers

Evening Kiddush for Rosh Hashanah – Page 86
Zochreinu L’Chayim – Page 294
Avinu Malkainu – Page 384
U’Netaneh Tokef (K’Vakarat) – Page 508
Kedushah – Page 512
Shofar HaYom Harat Olam/ Areshet S’Fateinu – Page 540
HaYom T’Amtzaynu – Page 648

Yom Kippur Prayers

Kol Nidre – Page 66
Adonai, Adonai El Rachum V’Chanun – Page 146
Shma Koleinu—Page156-157
Al Chet, V’Al Kulam, Slach Lanu M’chal Lanu, Kapper Lanu – Page 166
Avinu MalKeinu – Page 180
Zochrein L’Chaim – Page 166
Avinu MalKeinu – Page 180
Zochrein L’Chaim – Page 378
U’Netaneh Tokef – Page 562
HaYom Y’Amtzaynu – Page 678
Shma Yisroel & Baruch Shem Kavod – Page 838

Youth High Holy Day Programming

Rosh Hashanah Youth Services with Joseph Blashka
Yom Kipper Youth Services with Peri Blashka

Children’s High Holy Day Programming
The Pitzel Puppet Players with Naomi Sanit and Gail Mabel

Rosh Hashanah – It’s More than Honey
Yom Kippur—Sock Goes to Shul
Yonah and the Big Fish
Noach and the Ark

Story Time with Sonia Meltzer

“The World’s Birthday”  by Barbara Goldin
“Red, Blue, and Yellow Yarn—A Tale of Forgiveness” by Miriam R. Kosman
“T’Shuvah”  by Joel Lurie Grishaver