About Us

Tiferet Israel offers the Dallas Jewish community an experience rooted in and guided by Jewish Tradition, Torah and Mitzvot. We believe enriching one’s Judaism as well as embracing fellow Jews are two essential foundations of our religion.

We welcome all who are looking for a meaningful Jewish experience, independent of one’s background. Anyone wishing to worship, learn, and grow in one’s Judaism will find Tiferet to be a special place. Our goals are to provide knowledge for our rich heritage, create a strong sense of community and instill a desire to help make the world we live in a better place.

Our building is a beautiful place for simchas,. Our facilities include a 400 seat sanctuary which provides unique seating allowing men and women to sit separately or together. In addition, we offer a 100 seat chapel, a dairy and a meat kitchen, bridal room, banquet hall with a stage and additional reception area to accommodate life cycle events. Our mikvah is available for ritual and spiritual events including conversions, weddings and nidah.

“We are not just a Shul…we are a family!”


Shirley R. President President@TiferetIsrael.org
Diane G. Vice President of Finance Finance@TiferetIsrael.org
Roy L. Vice President of our Ritual Committee Ritual@TiferetIsrael.org
Hanna L. Vice President of Youth and Education Youth@TiferetIsrael.org
Dr. Steven G. Security Committee Chair Security@TiferetIsrael.org
Sonia M. Vice President of Membership Membership@TiferetIsrael.org
Deborah R. Vice President of Programming Programming@TiferetIsrael.org
Gina T. Vice President of Fund Raising. FundRaising@TiferetIsrael.org
David B. Vice President Building and Grounds Building@TiferetIsrael.org
Tina I. & Sue K. Co-Chairs of our Sisterhood Sisterhood@TiferetIsrael.org
Ed J. & Dr. Lionel R. Co-Chairs of our Cemetery Committee Cemetary@TiferetIsrael.org
Jeff S. Chevrah Kadisha Chair for Men ChevraKadishaMen@TiferetIsrael.org
Jane S. Chevrah Kadisha Chair for Women ChevraKadishaWomen@TiferetIsrael.org