Visiting a Kibbutz, Viewing a Water Fall and Kayaking the Jordan River

This morning we woke up early, checked out if the hostel, and headed out for a scenic drive from Beit Shean to kibbutz Misgav Am.

This kibbutz sits on a mountain top nearly 10 yards (sometimes less) from Israel’s Lebanese border. There we learned about past conflicts that Israel and especially the kibbutz had with their Hezbollah Lebanese neighbors.

In America whenever we hear news of a terrorist attack in Israel, it’s hard to connect and reach out—we don’t experience this situation often. This kibbutz enlightened me in the sense of how important it is for Israel to protect itself and Jews all over the world to defend it.

After we left the kibbutz we headed to the nearby nachal snir and hiked up to a beautiful waterfall. The river that the waterfall crashes into is full of clear water, smooth rocks, fish, and a few crabs. It was amazing to see the differences between Israel’s southern and northern environments.

After lunch we then kayaked in the Jordan river. The water wasn’t as clear as the waterfall we recently saw, but it was beautiful nonetheless. I also never realized how tiring it is to paddle for over 45 minutes! I miss you all.

Here are some photos from the scenic drive.