Touring the City of David

We began our day at the City of David. There we saw ancient homes, one of which was the home of King David’s high ranking servants. Later we walked through the tunnels and discovered how water was collected during King David and Shlomo’s reign. After traveling through the dry tunnels and headed toward the water tunnels. The water tunnel was dug by two different groups who met in the middle. It’s amazing that they were able to meet considering they had no GPS! After leaving the City or David, we walked around the Rova, or Jewish Quarter and enjoyed falafel. Israeli flags were strung across columns, and Jews of all sects were walking through them to get to the kotel. After touring the Rova, we walked back to our hotel to relax before we go check out Machane Yehuda before Shavuot tonight. In the next email, I attached a few pictures of the Kotel last night, Ir David, and the Rova from today.