As prescient as Theodore Herzl was back in 1897 in envisioning a Jewish State within 50 years, (he was one year off in his prediction) the Zionist leader had it all wrong when he foresaw a Jewish homeland as an antidote for anti-Semitism. If anything, Israel has now become the breeding ground for that poisonous disease otherwise known as anti-Semitism that has infected the western world for centuries. The Cossacks may have gone the way of the shtetl, the Nazis may have died in anonymity after they received asylum in any number of countries around the world and the KKK is in all likelihood hiding under beds for fear of being exposed, now that the pillow slips that once covered their hate contorted faces are no longer as fashionable, but anti-Semitism is alive and well. If anything, anti-Semitism has metathesized. If lashing out against Jews is no longer fashionable, bashing Israel is more in vogue now than ever.
Earlier this week, a full page ad appeared in the New York Times defending Israel against charges hurled at it by blood thirsty Jew Killers in the Middle East.
Theodore Herzl must be rolling over in his grave. Jews still feeling the need to defend Israel smacks of the Jew of Eastern Europe whose well-being was solely at the discretion of the Polish landowner. Who would have ever thought that those who came to Israel after surviving the Holocaust would once again see Jews wringing their hands (nowadays it takes on the form of a full page ad in the New York Times) as the Jewish state is vilified by anti-Semites?
Our conflict has never been about the establishment of a Palestinian State. It has always been about the existence of a Jewish State. The hell it is! Fool me once (giving Gaza complete independence, so that Hamas can use it as a base to shoot missiles at us), shame on you! Fool me twice (the establishment of a Palestinian State) and you might as well change Israel’s national anthem to Mourners Kaddish.
The worst oppression of the Palestinian people takes place in Arab nations
. For a supposedly smart people, Jews can be mighty stupid. Do Jews really think that the presentation of facts to bleeding hearts who serve as the amen corner to the murderers of the Middle East serves any purpose? Governments of European countries along with bleeding hearts in the United States and Canada aren’t interested in facts. If they were concerned with facts, they would be outraged by the travesties occurring elsewhere in this world. Facts are powerless when it comes to feelings. And the feelings that are in style at present are to pity the poor Palestinians, regardless of how many Jews Palestinian extremists murder and maim. “After all, Palestinians suffer so much humiliation at the hands of the Israelis.”
Only a strong and secure Israel can achieve a comprehensive peace. Cow Cookies! A strong and secure Israel can do no such thing. At best, a strong and secure Israel might be able to wear the Islamic murderers down somewhat. And even that is far from certain, given that the desire of Hamas (Fatah is no different, despite their posturing) to murder Jews, far outweighs any desire for Hamas to build a meaningful and rich lives for their people.
A full page ad in the New York Times is not inexpensive, to say the least. Perhaps the same monies could be spent for a preposterous ad blaming Jews for being behind the outbreak of some catastrophic disease. At the bottom of the ad, why not ask: If you dismiss this ad as being totally outrageous, why then do you accept any reporting coming out of Gaza which blames Israel for Palestinian “suffering” as being the truth?