And We have Newspaper People…

Hamas did the right thing. This past Sunday, it reneged on an agreement that would have permitted 37 young war orphans from Gaza, ages 13 through 16 to participate in a carefully scripted and agreed upon visit to Israel. In addition to stopping at a Safari Park near Ramat Gan, the tour would have included a visit to the Arab village of Kafr Qassam, the Arab city of Umm al Fahm, the Bedouin town of Rahat and the cities of Ramallah and Bethlehem.
By Hamas being Hamas, a sub-human, soulless organization bent on mayhem, destruction and carnage, it opened the door of opportunity for journalists when it shut the door of entry to the teenagers at the Erez border crossing. Thanks to its recalcitrance, Hamas should have had thinking and caring journalists asking the following questions:
How is it that not one Arab country has stepped up and offered these war orphans a week of fun in the sun, as did Israel? Neither Jordan nor Saudi Arabia has any shared borders with Gaza, as does Egypt. Therefore, they are pareve. No language barrier exists, nor are there any major cultural differences between Gazans and Saudis or Jordanians. Yet, there isn’t so much as an Inshalla (Allah be willing, their version of b’Ezrat HaShem) from Jordan, Saudi Arabia or any Arab country for that matter. Were the unthinkable to happen, and an Arab country would actually make a humanitarian gesture to these teenagers, then the world would be duped into believing that Arabs actually care about their own. Imagine that!
Now that Hamas and the Palestinian Authority are political bedfellows, any journalist with scruples might do well to inquire why Hamas does not treat these teenagers to a trip to Disneyland Paris. Surely with the billions poured into the Palestinian Authority by well-meaning but moronic governments around the world, there ought to be something left after all the graft, theft and corruption, for 37 war orphans. After all, how many luxury villas and apartments throughout Europe are truly necessary for the wives and mistresses of Palestinian officials?
With the door at the Erez border crossing slammed in the faces of the 37 teenagers, one would do well to wonder why no journalist with integrity writes a story about missed opportunities. Journalists could write with abandon how these 37 teenagers will never have the opportunity of seeing Israeli apartheid first hand with their own eyes. Journalists, guided by their remarkable sense of ethics and morals, could bemoan the fact that unfortunately they cannot reassure all those institutions, organizations and religious groups around the world that their boycotting, divesting from and sanctioning Israel was well placed, in that the 37 war orphans were unable to corroborate Israel’s inhumane treatment of Palestinians.
Should some journalist finally muster the courage to do some independent thinking, he or she could possibly reach the conclusion that by permitting those 37 war orphans to visit Israel, these teenagers just might grow to hate Israel a little less and actually learn the truth about the Zionist entity in their region.
Hamas need not fear. The likelihood of any journalist being able to do any independent thinking, the reality of journalists being guided by their remarkable senses of ethics and morals, the possibility of journalists having scruples, is as remote as Hamas suddenly becoming a group promoting acceptance and peaceful coexistence with all its neighbors.