For Jews who attended the summer home of the Rabbi Chaim Berlin Yeshiva up in the Catskills, the name Patrick Henry (everyone called him Pat and few, if any knew his last name) took on a completely different meaning. Albeit a “Founding Father” in his own right, Patrick Henry was neither an orator nor a politician. Patrick Henry was the […]


Menachem Begin has always been and in all likelihood will remain my hero. I miss him more than one can imagine. In response to the resolution passed by UNESCO last Thursday which charged Israel with a long list of violations regarding Haram al-Sharif and al- Aqsa Mosque and  purposely omits the sacred connection that exists between  the site of the […]


I have a proposal. When Israel inaugurates its rapid transit train service between Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv, I propose that the German Ambassador to Israel, The British Ambassador to Israel and the Jordanian Ambassador to Israel be invited to be passengers on the maiden voyage. It’s not the trains’ speed of up to 100 M.P.H. that ought to serve as an […]

Number 2

Totally independent of the upcoming elections, when it comes to leadership, there are certain individuals in the history of our country who would have made for excellent Secretaries of State, but were disastrous in serving as president. The same holds true for other countries as well. Aspirants for the presidency or the position of Prime Minister need to realize that […]