Earlier this month, the Pontifical Commission for Religious Relations with Jews issued a solemn renunciation: “the Catholic Church neither conducts nor supports any specific mission work directed towards Jews.” I have no idea how world Jewish leaders, both religious and lay reacted to this statement, basically telling us that the Catholic Church no longer has conversion of Jews on their […]


For the record, I rarely, if ever watch CNN or Fox News on Television. As far as I’m concerned, my time would be just as well spent watching WWWF (wrestling), in that the interviews are hardly any better than what one reads in the tabloids available for sale, as you proceed to checkout at the supermarket. Last week, CNN’s Ashleigh […]


Close to 22 years ago, American benefactors Charles Bronfman and Michael Steinhardt came up with an idea to provide young Jewish adults with a ten day Israel experience. Thus was born Birthright or Taglit (Discovery), as it’s known in Hebrew. For decades now, American Jewish leaders, including rabbis have seen how essential it was to promote what has come to […]


Any society or government is bound to have its share of malcontents. It’s a reality of life. The Israel Defense Force is no exception. Close to 12 years ago, a group of disaffected soldiers and veterans of the IDF formed an organization known in Hebrew as Shovrim HaShtikah or Breaking the Silence. Its goal is to tell the other side […]