For those of us who begin January by hoping for a better year ahead of us, than the year that is now behind us, fret not. The United Nations assures us that 2016 was one spectacular year. The public health arm of the United Nations, known as the WHO or the World Health Organization brings tidings that that the physical, mental and emotional health of the citizens of the world is beyond reproach. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, the countries that constitute this world seem to be in compliance with the standards set forth by the United Nations.
Unfortunately, there is one country that is the proverbial “fly in the ointment” thereby shattering this perfect record. That country is Israel. Last year, Israel was singled out by the World Health Organization of the United Nations, as being the only country on this planet that violated the physical, mental and emotional health of those living within its borders. By the way, that’s United Nations “code speak” for Israel violating the physical, mental and emotional health of the Palestinians living within its borders.
The United Nations has another arm, less well known than the WHO. It is the International Labor Organization or the ILO.  Just as the WHO concerns itself with health standards, the ILO concerns itself with labor standards. The ILO brings us good tidings as well. Last year was a banner year for labor standards around the world. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, all countries seemed to have been in compliance with the standards set forth by the ILO – all countries but one. Again, Israel was the sole violator of the standards established by the ILO. For a country that calls itself a democracy, for a country that purports to have been established guided by biblical tenets, one has to wonder why Israel draws the ire of the ILO and is singled out by the ILO for its unacceptable standards . For shame! Why can’t Israel learn about labor standards from third world countries that serve as role models?
Women of this world are also a concern of the United Nation. Accordingly, the United Nations has established a Commission on the Status of Women or the CSW. The CSW ensures that women are not treated as second class citizens…or worse and watches out for their well-being. Thanks to the CSW, women are no longer abused or ignored. They are protected. Much like the WHO and the ILO, the CSW also has good news for us concerning 2016. As hard as it may be to believe, all countries throughout the world from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe seem to have accorded women the rights they deserve – except for Israel. When it comes to women’s rights, the CSW found Israel, and only Israel to be deplorable! Given little choice, the CSW singled out Israel for violating the rights of women. If only Israel could look to Arab societies and see those Arab societies as societies to be emulated when it comes to the treatment of women, this world would be a Shangri-La. Then the CSW along with the ILO and the WHO would not be in the unenviable position of having to single out Israel for the unacceptable way it treats those that live within its borders (read poor Palestinians).
Perhaps this explains that of the twenty-four resolutions passed by the United Nations General Assembly in 2016, twenty were against Israel.  It kind of makes you think how truly barbaric Israel would be towards those who live within its borders, if it weren’t for the watchful eye of the United Nations. When all is said and done, those United Nation’s anti-Israel resolutions are for Israel’s own good, you know.