The Sounds of Tiferet

I’m not sure how many of you realize this, but The Sounds of Broadway which will ring loud and clear here at Tiferet in a little more than a month’s time is really a misnomer. Granted, there will be any number of fabulous songs that will jog our memories and perhaps even tear at our hearts, but what will be truly be taking place here at Tiferet, Sunday, January 11th, 2015, will be The Sounds of Tiferet.
Show tunes and Broadway hits aside, one would do well to wonder why Tiferet is presenting Sounds of Broadway and not Sounds of Second Avenue or Sounds of the Sabras.
Broadway connotes first class. So too does Tiferet. I have lost track of the number of times that I have received E Mails or notes from guests attending services here at Tiferet, expressing how they have never experienced a congregation quite like ours. The reason for their phenomenal reaction is because Tiferet is genuine. Whatever we do at Tiferet is from the heart. Anyone looking for a congregation predicated upon glitz and glamor, false pretenses or phoniness should reconsider before coming to Tiferet. Here at Tiferet, we are down to earth. Here at Tiferet, we are living proof of the adage: whatever comes from the heart will ultimately find its way into the heart of others.
It’s close to six decades that Tiferet finds itself in north Dallas on Hillcrest Road. In all honesty, Tiferet really finds itself on Broadway, not because we are (G-d forbid) some sort of production, but because we have broad appeal. Our seating configuration on Shabbat and Jewish festivals is perhaps best proof of this. As a one of a kind congregation, we succeed making a broad spectrum of our people feel comfortable irrespective of their Jewish upbringing. Tiferet is a congregation that provides common ground. Just as Broadway is by any measure an icon in the borough of Manhattan, so too is Tiferet an icon here in Dallas.
Mention Broadway and without exception, people sit up and take notice. Broadway is neither a street nor an avenue. Broadway defies designation. Broadway is …. Broadway. Tiferet is much the same. Just as Broadway has made a name for itself, so too has Tiferet, Broadway has no shortage of stars. Tiferet has no shortage of shining moments. It is only natural therefore for The Sounds of Broadway to appear at Tiferet, the second Sunday of January. By all accounts The Sounds of Broadway will be a smash hit. A good deal of that success however, will be the sounds that complement The Sounds of Broadway. Those sounds will be sounds of pride, comradery, and accomplishment. Those sounds will be sounds of Tiferet. Why not join us January 11th and make your voices heard!