The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

It’s been close to 50 years since the spaghetti western The Good, The Bad, The Ugly played in American movie houses. Despite its low budget, the name and perhaps the theme song, continues to live on. With Israel celebrating its 67th anniversary this Thursday, perhaps it’s time to take a fresh approach with this song title in mind.
Rather than bring to mind what the Jewish State means to the Jewish people, perhaps a fresh look is in order. Perhaps it might be to our advantage to take a peek and see what Israel means to the leaders who have dedicated their lives to bringing about Israel’s destruction – at least as far as their political rhetoric. It seems to me that leaders of Fatah and Hamas (as far as I’m concerned the only difference between them is their style and packaging. Don’t give me this “moderate” shtick. It makes me very angry and it insults my intelligence) view Israel in three ways: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.
The Good – Do you want to know a secret? Do you promise not to tell? Leaders of Hamas, Fatah as well as other murderous thugs who have both the moxie and the money from siphoning funds away from the suffering masses, take their children as well as other family members to Israeli specialists for medical treatment. Not only is it true that “health is the most important thing”, but it’s also true that “business is business” and seeking medical treatment from renowned specialists has nothing to do with business. “Yesterday, I was a notorious leader calling for Israel’s destruction and helping plan intermittent carnage against the Zionist enemy; today I am a concerned parent. As a concerned parent, I turn to the good and skilled doctors of our neighboring State.” Like a good neighbor, Israel will never refuse to accommodate.
The Bad – I have every reason to believe that Ismail Haniyeh (Hamas) would like nothing better than to have Hatikvah as the ring tone for his cell phone. The same goes for Mahmoud Abbas. No, they are not Zionists. In their own perverted way however, they pine for the existence of Israel. They can’t exist without Israel. Israel is their Casus Belli; Israel is their raison d’etre. Without Israel, these statesmen (sic) cannot justify why the Palestinian masses are living under conditions associated with third world countries, when the Palestinian masses could be enjoying a lifestyle identical to that of Israelis. Without Israel as a “thorn in their side, these “esteemed” politicians would have to do the unthinkable and become responsible leaders and create an infrastructure, attract investment and industry, and encourage the masses to live responsible and productive lives instead of living in squalor, all the time playing the role of victim. Can you imagine the drastic change that would be necessary for Hamas and Fatah if it weren’t for big, bad Israel turning Palestinian lands into an “apartheid state”!
The Ugly – Despite the fact that the Talmud teaches us that the world was endowed with ten measures of beauty and that Jerusalem received nine of them, the term ugly applies to Israel, albeit in a most unusual way. However diabolical and cruel leaders of Hamas and Fatah are, they are not insane. Far from it! Leaders of Hamas and Fatah are experts when it comes to knowing how far they can push the envelope. Leaders of Hamas and Fatah know that Israel is more than a formidable foe. Leaders of Hamas and Fatah know that unlike inciting other Arab regimes, provoking Israel is a “piece of pita”. Leaders of Hamas and Fatah know that despite the way the prostitutes of the press depict Israel, things with Israel will never truly get ugly.
Although I can’t recall if I ever saw the above-mentioned movie, chances are that The GOOD, The Bad, The Ugly had an ending typical for Westerns of that era. As far as Israel, “typical” is a word that simply does not exist. Neither does “ending”. Shor of a miracle occurring or Moshiach arriving, the best we can hope for in the foreseeable future is that The Good prevails over The Bad and The Ugly. Israel certainly deserves it, whether it be its Independence Day or any other day of the year.