Tell me why if Israel and the Jews are the devil incarnate, Hamas insists on going to war against them? Doesn’t Hamas realize, that when combatting the devil, there is no possible way of winning? Each time Hamas strikes out at Israel, Hamas only succeeds in making Israel stronger. Thanks to the belligerence of Hamas, Israel has now an Iron Dome system so sophisticated, that it is the envy of the rest of the world. Tell me why then, you rush to wring your hands in despair over the poor Arabs, when in doing so, you are only strengthening Israel? If you are truly concerned about Arab suffering and death, tell me why you don’t wring your hands over the tens of thousands of Arabs murdered and the untold number of Arabs injured this year in Syria?
Tell me why you are incapable of rational thought? With Moslem clergy preaching terrorism, murder and mayhem in the name of Allah (for that alone, they deserve to burn in hell) by exhorting masses to “commit suicide and become a Shaheed (martyr) you will be escorted over a river of fire and go to heaven,” tell me why the clerics themselves don’t sacrifice their own lives and become suicide bombers. Better yet, tell me why Hamas leadership doesn’t become suicide bombers or sacrifice their own children, if such a heavenly reward awaits a Shaheed? Tell me why Hamas leadership has their families safely ensconced in other Arab countries while the brainwashed masses are dying for the holy cause? Better yet, tell me why you don’t make the effort and take the time to listen to the average Gazan on the street (that is if he is not afraid to tell you the truth, in that his life is at stake) instead of paying attention to the rhetoric of their maniacal leaders, who are prepared to send their own people to death like sheep to the slaughter. You just might discover that most Gazan wants to live in peace with its neighbor Israel without any conditions or demands and find suitable employment in Israel so that they can have a better life for their wives and children.
Tell me why, if you are truly concerned about wanting a better life for Gazans and can no longer tolerate the humiliation and indignities they are forced to suffer, you don’t convince them to lay down their arms. Surely, you must know that Israelis, given their Jewish heart and soul, will bend over backwards to bring Gaza into the 21st century faster than you can say “Allahu Akbar”. Once Gaza proves itself to be a good neighbor, Israel will see to it that Gaza will have state of the art hospitals, world class educational and social services, its own airport, seaport, department stores, factories as well as accoutrements the average Gazan couldn’t even fathom. Once Hamas decides to coexist with Israel, Gaza will put any and all other Arab states to shame. Tell me why, you are so incredibly stupid, that you buy into Hamas’ death wish, hook line and sinker?
The average Arab living in Gaza may in fact be downtrodden and impoverished in any number of ways, but the Arab leadership of Gaza, whether Hamas or Fatah, is laughing at your stupidity as well as your gullibility all the way to the Casbah.