I think that it’s fair say that a significant segment of the Jewish population  here in these United States as well as in Israel and elsewhere, reacted with a despondent “say it ain’t so”  when we were informed that Nikki Haley, the United States ambassador to the United States tendered her resignation last week. I also think it’s fair to […]


I’ve come to the conclusion that a steady diet of kielbasa (Polish sausage) causes one to go soft in the head. How else can one explain the recent suggestion of Jaroslaw Sellin, Poland’s Deputy Minister of Culture that a “Polocaust” Museum be erected to honor the victims of Nazi genocide between the years 1939-1945? With the recent passage of a […]


  A few days ago, I thought of the fictional television character Archie Bunker and the way he would verbally abuse his son in law Michael Stivic who was of Polish descent. If Archie wasn’t calling Michaelm Stivic “meat head”, then he was referring to him as a “dumb Polack”. Unwittingly, Poland’s education minster Anna Zalewska recently provided Archie Bunker […]