As a rabbi, I have maintained that neither the pulpit nor written communication is the place for political commentary or viewpoint. Consequently, I take great issue with clergy – rabbis, priests, ministers – who use their position to espouse political views. With separating children from parents at the border having been resolved last week, I continue to remain resolved to […]


Tiferet did it again. Ed Jerome and I, who were part of last week’s visit to Austin, arranged by our local Federation’s Jewish Community Relations Council, were the only President/Rabbi duo – I dare say – at the entire State Capitol.  As one who has not participated in such a mission in over a decade, the trip to Austin stirred […]

Shoot Blanks

How did things ever get so far? More people die by firearms in this country than by traffic fatalities. For the record, I am entirely pareve when it comes to guns, just as I am entirely pareve when it comes to cars (not really as far as cars, but that’s for another article). I neither maintain that we have a […]