Shopping at the Jew Store

My Uncle Morris would have been 102 last week (according to the Jewish calendar). Uncle Morris owned a General Store that he purchased from his father. Uncle Morris’ General Store was in the “shtetl” of Langenburg, Saskatchewan. Uncle Morris and Auntie Belle were the only Jews living among a predominantly German population. Many years ago, Uncle Morris shared with me that he had firsthand information, that during World War II, nightly meetings were held behind closed doors where groups of Germans got together to make plans in anticipation of Hitler winning the war. Uncle Morris also told me that during the day, the “Himmlers”, “Gorings” and “Goebbles” of Langenburg had no problem whatsoever buying “Jew merchandise” from his General Store .
Last week, I had good reason to think about Uncle Morris along with his German customers of yesteryear. I learned that Protalix, an Israeli Bio-Pharmaceutical company had announced that it had sufficient supplies as well as the necessary resources to produce ZMAPP, a prototype drug that could potentially cure Ebola. Based on what Uncle Morris related to me, I have every reason to believe that the highly moral BDS citizens of the world will suddenly cast their principles to the wind. Put differently, boycott, divest and sanction Israel all you want, but when it comes to an Israeli cure for Ebola….
The sad part about it is that if ZMAPP does prove to provide a cure for Ebola, these highly moral BDS citizens of the world will not experience the slightest tinge of hypocrisy when it comes to benefiting from the very products they are excoriating. Given their twisted way of thinking, it’s “today we get well, tomorrow we boycott, sanction and divest”. But, then again, their morals are not our morals. If their morals were above board, genuine and beyond reproach, then there is no reason at all why these concerned citizens of the world shouldn’t boycott, divest and sanction products from countries complicit in mass genocide, maiming, rape and torture of people within their reach. Yet, only when it comes to Israel’s treatment of the “poor Palestinians”, do these concerned citizens of the world rear up on their hind legs and begin spouting their diatribe against the demonic Israelis.
Imagine, if you wil,l what would happen if the leadership of Israel were to hold a grudge. Imagine if you will, that the leadership of Israel maintains a midah k’negged midah (quid pro quo) attitude towards these “moralistic” BDS citizens of the world. Were this to be the case, then the leadership of Israel would have every right to say, “as far as we are concerned, boycotts, divestments and sanctions cannot be turned on and off at the whim of the bigot”. If it was kosher to shun Israeli products before ZMAPP was discovered, then it would be treif to embrace Israeli products once ZMAPP was discovered.
You have to hand it to the anti-Semites of Langenburg, Saskatchewan. Unlike the highly moral BDS citizens of the world, they never eschewed shopping at the Jew Store.