Every so often and lately it’s quite often, Palestinian sub-humans attack, maim and kill Israelis. Sorry, you “post Six Day War breast beaters”, this has nothing to do with occupied territories. It has to do with Jews living in that part of the world. When the great grand-parents of today’s “poor Palestinians” hacked away at Jews in Hevron in 1929, killing 67 of them, there was no Jewish State. The latest spate of attacks is little more than a link in a chain of Jew murder that goes back decades and decades. My  heart goes out to the victims and their families. As far as the Palestinian sub-humans, to me they are they little different than a cancer, where every so often innocent lives are snuffed out for no rhyme or reason. Does this frustrate as well as infuriate me? Absolutely!
What truly causes my blood to boil however, are not sub-human Palestinians. My expectations for sub-human Palestinians to show the slightest spark of humanity are at best, nil. What causes my blood to boil are Jews! They come in three varieties:
Bleeding heart Jews: “The Palestinians have endured Israeli military occupation, arrests without charge, arrests of children, home demolitions and uprooting of olive groves.” So wrote the co-chairman of Jewish Voice for Peace, in a letter to the editor of the New York Times last Thursday. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I can’t help but feel that no letters were written by the author of this letter to the editor to any of the innocent victims of any of these attacks or to any of the bereaved families.
Moral equivalence Jews: “There are two sides to every story”, they bleat. With such perverse thinking, it could be logically argued that Jews of the Holocaust owed it to themselves to learn all about Nazi grievances. How come moral equivalence Jews don’t decry the Nazi blood shed by Mordechai Anielewicz and the others of Zydowska Organizacja Bojowa (Jewish Combat Organization) when they orchestrated the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising? Better yet, where is the moral equivalence of these Jews with regard to the carnage being carried out daily in Syria? Why is it, that when it comes to carnage in Syria, moral equivalency Jews are ominously silent?
Run for the hills Jews: the same Jews who are so proud to tell you how many times they have traveled to Israel, all of a sudden put their travel plans to Israel on hold, whenever the above cited Palestinian cancer refuses to remain in remission and once again rears its ugly head. By the time you read these lines, the Rebbetzin and I will be in Jerusalem. If bus bombings didn’t prevent us from being in Israel in the summer of 2002 (have you ever been to a 6 story hotel which is being occupied by less than a dozen guests?), the current spate of stabbings will not get in the way of our travel plans for the latter part of this month either. My motto has always been: I refuse to have sub-human Palestinians serve as my travel agent.
And so my fellow Jews who are an embarrassment to our people:
If your hearts go out to the poor Palestinians who suffer at the hands of the Israelis, why not consider visiting, Ahmed and Fatima first hand? I’m sure there are accommodations for you in Ramallah? Better yet, try for some home hospitality.
If you continue to insist on invoking moral equivalency, where were you when fellow Jews were being denied basic freedoms in the former Soviet Union? Or does your limited understanding of moral equivalency operate, when in your moral blindness, you see only Palestinians as victims? As for you run for the hills Jews: True support and strong friendship is to be there when you are needed most. Remember, while you are running for the hills, Evangelist Christians are boarding aircraft to Tel Aviv. By the way, thanks for the Shanda.