I am indebted to Reverend Jeremiah Wright for the remarks he delivered this past Saturday at a Washington rally titled Justice or Else, hosted by the Reverend Louis Farrakhan.
Speaking on behalf of Palestinian Justice, the Reverend Wright had not a word to say about how Hamas and Fatah are mistreating their very own – at times in the most inhumane way.  Instead, the Reverend Wright chose to remind the thousands in attendance that Jesus was a Palestinian. May I be so bold as to remind the Reverend Wright that Rabbi Akiva was a Palestinian and Rabbi Tarfon and Rabbi Elazar ben Azariah – in fact all five Rabbis who gathered in B’nei Brak (we will be reading about them this Friday and Saturday evening at the Pesach Seder) were Palestinians as well? Why even Hillel and Shammai were Palestinians! But why go back two millennia in time? Jews living in Jerusalem being systematically starved by Arab forces who cut off the main highway from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem at Latrun in the early months of 1948, so that food trucks could not get through – they were Palestinians. And back in 1929, the Jews of Hevron who were butchered and mutilated by Arab hordes – those Jews were Palestinians as well. Yes Reverend Wright, Jesus was a Palestinian. So what?
The Reverend Wright challenged the crowd by stating: “Find me a Jew who forgives Hitler. And they say they’re the children of G-d, and they don’t have no forgiveness in them (sic)”. Strange, but I was taught that the Holocaust defies comparison. Strange, but the amount of trade and tourism that exists between Germany and Israel defies comparison as well. Incidentally, I can’t help but feel that Israel would be only too happy to increase trade and commerce with Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank, but there’s this “boycott, divest, and sanction” business that prevents Israel from operating factories in the West Bank. I think forgiveness is a wonderful and admirable human trait. If only European governments and college youth in this country whose minds are politically poisoned by their professors would champion forgiveness as well when it comes to Israel (forgiveness for what,  I have no idea whatsoever). I applaud Reverend Wright’s stand on forgiveness. But like charity, shouldn’t forgiveness begin at home? Shouldn’t Reverend Wright be preaching forgiveness instead of incitement?
Most of all, I am indebted to Reverend Wright for reminding me that it’s Passover. Reverend Wright has done a far better job at broadcasting that Passover is in the air than the best of supermarkets with their Kosher for Passover displays. The Reverend has done so, by serving as a source of naches to countless individuals who have preceded him over the centuries -the proud purveyors of blood libels, accusing Jews of using Christian blood to bake matzahs. I am, indebted to Reverend Wright for his creativity. He has shown that pogroms need not encompass pillaging of Jewish homes, raping Jewish women and maiming or murdering Jewish men.
Instead, Reverend Wright has shown us that the pogrom of the year 2016 can be achieved through the poisoning of impressionable minds.