The latest “Who is a Jew” brouhaha in Israel deserves a response, only because there are minimally three parties who can be accused of being hot headed and saying stupid things.
Should cooler minds ever prevail, perhaps the following three parties will reconsider their thoughtless reactions that can only exacerbate the situation. Accordingly, I accuse:
Reform Jews here in these United States who are bound to alternate between getting into a huff and a tizzy worrying about the status of their children and grandchildren vis a vis Israel.
Sheket! Schveig! Put a lid on it! Don’t get angry! Get even! Stop supporting the hand that gives you a Potch on Ponim (slap in the face), which is exactly what you are doing when you send money to Israel or spend money in Israel. You still don’t get it, do you? Because of the make-up of Israel’s Knesset or parliamentary system, our self-righteous, “highly observant” brethren are able to milk the government for whatever they can, so that they can support and expand their Yeshivos and Synagogues where they will continue to poison the minds of the upcoming generation of self-righteous, “highly observant” Jews against you…and other Jews who do not fit into their halachic framework. Every dollar you send to Israel or spend in Israel perpetuates this behavior. Stop being chumps! Please understand that there are plenty of other schnorrers in our society who do not wonder aloud “who is a Jew”.
Shame on you, Bibi, Bougie and Tsipi! Your egos along with your narcissism were a major contributing factor to Likud forming a coalition with the “Black Hats”. Do you really think that Netanyahu’s Likud has any love for, or shares any ideological similarities with United Torah Judaism (Black Hat) and Shas (Ditto)? The latter two will jump into bed with whatever political party promises them the best financial arrangement, so that they are able to fund and expand their Yeshivos etc. (see above). If Bibi (Benjamin Netanyahu), Bougie (Isaac Herzog) and Tzipi (Tziporah Livni) were truly concerned about Israel’s future, instead of their own political self-aggrandizement, this current coalition would not exist and the “black Hats” would be green with envy, as they found themselves side-lined.
Reb Dovid (Rabbi David Azoulay, Israel’s Minister of Religious Services, the one whose seichel is questionable to say the least) please accept some advice from me. Avoid any interviews that deal with potential hot topics. When some lackey journalist contacted me last week for input on the latest from the Supreme Court regarding the “new kosher” as far as marriages, I quickly said: Let me get back to you. I then immediately hung up.
Reb Dovid, some two thousand years ago, there was a sage by the name of Avtalyon. If there’s one thing that Avtalyon taught me, it was: Chachamim, Hizaharu b’divreichem- Sages, take great care with your words. Apparently, you missed learning that somewhere in your studies. What have Reform Jews ever done to you, that you should treat them so disrespectfully? Reb Dovid, never let others know what you are thinking. Whatever opinions you may have about Reform, or any other Jew for that matter, keep them to yourself and pray fervently to HaShem for the ability to find the good and positive in others and even love them.
Please understand, it makes no difference to me how you feel about others, whether they are Jewish or not. But your thinking is a little bit too dangerous for me. Adolf decided who was a Jew three quarters of a century ago, and just look what happened….