Quite frankly, I’m disappointed at Israel. Being up in arms over a decision by the European Union to require special labeling of Israeli products produced on land that Israel acquired in the 1967 War is no reason for either anger or alarm on the part of the Jewish state. Doesn’t Israel realize that Europeans are just being…Europeans. For a country that prides itself on being passionate about history, Israel is taking this far too personally.
Surely, Israel recalls the Crusades, when Europeans felt that they were heaven-sent to wrest the Holy Land from the infidel. So what if Europeans wreaked havoc and mayhem along the way, destroying any number of Jewish communities and snuffing out countless Jewish lives on their way to perform their sacred task? Who are we to judge a people with most praiseworthy values pursuing a most noble and glorious task in the name of Christianity?
Europeans serve as the moral compass for humanity. They always have. With their innate sense of what the good Lord wants, they were quite astute at immediately recognizing that the indigenous people of North America were savages. And so the Europeans set out to do what any good Christian would have done. They stole the land from these savages, took advantage of these savages in the fur trade and introduced these savages to fire water a.k.a. fire alcohol. The Europeans then drew up peace treaties that weren’t worth the paper that they were written on, and forced the native population of what is now Canada and the United States (that is, those of the native population that the Europeans hadn’t yet killed off) onto reservations where they could carry on with a new and improved lifestyle (liquor, teenage pregnancies, dysfunctional families and rampant unemployment. The Navaho, Blackfoot, Shawnee and all other tribes should get on their knees (which shouldn’t be too difficult, since thanks to European selflessness and Christian love not every Indian is able to stand on his own two feet) out of gratitude to the Europeans and how they introduced civilization to the “uncivilized”.
Europeans are impeccable when it comes to human rights and human dignity. Thanks to European values which were inculcated into the new world, Africans brought over as slaves were now accorded chattel status. They were given worth! An African of working age fetched far more than an African infant. An African woman, especially if she was comely, was the Rolls Royce of chattel, in that she could provide both work and play. Why, thanks to European values, now very much part of their American descendants, African were imbued with a sense of independence as slave families were “parted out” with the mother sold to a family in Georgia, the father remaining in Virginia and the children… whatever did happen to the children brought into the world by that male and female slave? Were it not for the Europeans and their desire to bring good Christian values to the Africans, who knows what kind of future awaited them in Nigeria or the Congo?
Doesn’t Israel see that this labeling on the part of the EU is perhaps the best thing that could have ever happened? Hey, even Jews are deserving of being treated to Christian values every now and then. Let Israel learn that there are ways of treating minorities. All Israel has to do is follow the illustrious example set by the Europeans as they carved up Africa and Asia. Let Israel know that land being won in a war of aggression on the part of the Arab enemy cannot and should not be compared in any way to land blindly stolen from unsuspecting American Indians by Europeans. Let Israel recognize what human worth and dignity is all about, using the American of European descent treatment of the African slave as a paradigm.
Then and only then, Israel will be looked up to, respected and feared. Just ask the Europeans with their impeccable values.