Always Someone There to Remind Me

It’s been 50 years since the songwriting duo of Burt Bachrach and Hal David composed what was to become a number one hit, There is Always Something There to Remind Me. Obviously
it was a song that dealt with a relationships, a special one at that. Yet relationships need not be between two people. Relationships can and do exist between animate and inanimate. This past Saturday, I could not help but witness any number of relationships – not just between those at Yom Kippur services and G-d, but relationships between any number of people in attendance and Tiferet.
Warren Abrams shared some especially good comments from the Bimah following Kol Nidrei, many of which dealt with the needs of our congregation. I would to augment our President’s remarks. One way we really need your help is to reach out to someone you know and saw at Tiferet for Yom Kippur services, but is not a member. Tell them how special it was to see them at High Holyday services. Tell them how much it means to Tiferet leadership that they chose to be at Tiferet on the most awe-filled day on the Jewish calendar. Tell them two or three things that they would be surprised to learn about our congregation, such as our Chili Cook Off and our Tu B’Shvat Seder. Remind them that not every synagogue has a Break the Fast following Yom Kippur and those congregations that do, few are of the caliber of Tiferet.
Better yet, bring them to one of our many programs or Friday night/Shabbat dinners throughout the year. Whenever someone brings a potential member, it would be our pleasure at Tiferet to host them as our guest. In all likelihood it is too late to bring them to our Sukkah dinner this Friday evening, but our annual Chanukah dinner, December 19th is not that far way. Let them see another side to Tiferet. As beautiful and inspiring as our sanctuary may be, you may very well be opening new vistas for them by showing them what Tiferet’s Vashti’s Lounge is all about. With your efforts and invitation, these nonmembers could not help but be impressed the way we pull out all stops at our annual Rib Burn Off.
If you are too timid to make the call to a non-congregant, then call the office or contact me and leave the inviting to us. All we need is the name, address or phone number and whatever information you might feel is useful for us to know. We’ll be happy to make the call, do the inviting and we will remain indebted to you for helping us out. Unless I’m mistaken, there are few, if any congregations here in Dallas that have reached their saturation point as far as membership. If Tiferet means that much to you, then help us grow as far as membership. Remember, Tiferet is a “one of a kind” congregation in more ways than one. Borrowing from the lyrics from the well-known song that charted a half century ago, why not do your share, so that “there is always someone there to remind them” about a fabulous synagogue. No different than the Kol Nidrei prayer we just recited less than a week ago, we are proud to say that we are open to all, seven days a week, from this Yom Kippur until next Yom Kippur