Over this past week, I’ve received over a dozen emails from various Jewish websites reporting on the fires in Israel. Without fail, each of these websites was sure to include a donate button to be activated by the reader. Even though I have no idea how successful these organizations will be in raising money, I do know of other donations […]


If the media is to be believed – and that’s a big if, then there will be any number of families and friends that will alter their plans for sharing Thanksgiving dinner this year. No puns intended, but it seems that one of the outcomes of the recent elections is that political allegiance trumps familial allegiance. Reading the news, one […]


Half a year ago while up in Canada to celebrate my mother’s ninetieth birthday, I had the opportunity to see and visit with my Canadian cousins. It didn’t take long for conversation to turn to the presidential elections. When asked my predictions, I responded: “I can’t tell you who will win; I can tell you however who will lose…the American […]


It’s high time that a Mah Nishtanah be applied to Veteran’s Day. With American involvement in World War I having begun just under a century ago (April 1, 1917), it’s high time that we American Jews approach Veteran’s Day having learned about the involvement of at least one of our people who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for […]


It was more than with a modicum of interest that I read about Rachel “Ruchi” Freier winning the race for civil court judge in New York City’s 5th Civil Court District, serving Borough Park as well as other sections of Brooklyn. What makes Ruchi’s victory so very remarkable is that she was born, raised and continues to live a Hassidic […]