Daily Minyan

During the COVID-19 Crisis, it has been necessary to limit our minyan services to:

Monday Morning – 6:30 AM

Tuesday & Friday Morning Service – 7:00 AM

Sunday Morning Service – 8:00 AM


COVID-19 Rules for attending Minyan services at Tiferet Israel:

Maximum seats available = 28. Seats are sanitized after every use.
Please do not attend if you have been exposed to COVID-19 in the last 14 days or have any signs of illness – coughing, fever, etc. Potential attendees who are over the age of 61 are asked to consider not attending as they are a higher risk category. Potential attendees who have health issues or other risks are also advised to consider not attending.
Please observe social distancing and health safety rules posted throughout the building.
Always wear a mask when inside the building and utilize hand sanitizing stations as needed.
Bring your own Tallit and siddur, if possible, but they will be available as needed.
Restrooms are cleaned and sanitized daily. Please limit people in the restrooms to one at a time. Wash hands, using a paper towel to turn on and off the faucets and to open the restroom door.
Children are welcome to attend but must stay with parent at all times. Children are required to wear masks when in the building and to maintain social distance with those outside their family unit.