Brave Men and Cave Men

BY RABBI ZELL The vocalist Joanie Sommers was onto something in her 1962 hit, Johnny Get Angry. Little did she realize, that when expressing “I want a brave man, I want a caveman” she might very well have been referring to the great sage Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai spent 13 years of his life as a […]

Earth Day

By Rabbi Shawn Zell The late U.S. Senator and Wisconsin Governor Gaylord Nelson should have consulted a rabbinic authority or an expert in Biblical Hebrew before he introduced Earth Day into our culture. Had he followed this suggestion fifty-two years ago, this coming Thursday may very well have been referred to as Environment Day or Conservation Day, or Reign in […]


By Rabbi Shawn Zell Gossip and rumors aside about Prince Philip’s interest in commoners of the opposite gender, there were a handful of women who proved indispensable, as far as contributing to the life he led. While I very much doubt that mention will be made of those of the fairer sex, save one, permit me to share with you, […]

Thanks for Registering

Thank you for registering for Israeli Dining. Check your Email! Check your email two days before the classes for access information. Cooking Class Recipes If you registered for the cooking class, make sure to gather the ingredients before the class. You can also preview the recipes. Class Schedule The classes are online via Zoom. Make sure to mark your calendar […]