I am no ecologist. Granted, I am grateful for my surroundings and respect those surroundings. But I never worry about what car exhaust fumes do to the atmosphere or that the sun is getting too close to the earth. While some may accuse me of being party to the abuse of the ecology, I counter that I am more concerned […]


As one who frequents a movie theater on the average of once every two years, I surprised myself when I actually read about an upcoming movie starring Natalie Portman which opens this Friday. What attracted me to the article was that Israeli born but American raised Natalie was being coached by Israeli born and raised Neta Riskin (I became hooked […]


Timing is everything…including bad timing. With the Tisha B’Av still on the minds and hopefully still in the souls of a good many of us, it appears that the way we Jews interact with one another has recently become an issue. A “help wanted” ad published by a manpower company in Israel on behalf of Expose, a producer of high […]


Exactly one hundred and fifty years ago this week, 157 men, women and children set sail from Jonesboro Maine on the Nellie Chaplin, a sailing vessel with three masts on a trans-oceanic voyage. Their destination was Jaffa (Tel Aviv had not yet been established). They were members of a sect known as Christian Lovers of Zion. Their mission was to […]


Predictably, the visit by Pope Frances to Auschwitz this past Friday was on the radar screens of more than a few Jewish organizations. Some of these organizations were hoping against hope that as result of this visit, the Pontiff will break with the policies of six predecessors dating back to immediately following the end of World War II and order […]