A Memorial Day Memory

As much as I decry what has been done to Christmas, in that for all too many it has been stripped of its true meaning, I decry what has been done to Memorial Day even more. These United States did not become a world leader, as well as the great beacon of freedom we know it to be, because of […]


Kristina Rightnour recently filed suit against her former employer Tiffany and Company. It all began when Ms. Rightnour explained the crucifixion story to a Jewish coworker at that coworker’s request. So far, so good. And then, in relating the story, Ms. Rightnour disclosed that the Jews killed Jesus. And that’s when a chain reaction of events ensued, ultimately leading to […]


In his autobiography, automobile industry icon Lee Iacocca who, in the latter part of the 1970’s, performed the miraculous act of Tchiyat HaMetim (resurrection of the dead) on moribund Chrysler Corporation teaches a profound lesson. He tells the reader that he would always make it a point to train Chrysler dealers never to ask new car owners how they liked […]

The H-Bomb

For some time now, the term “N bomb” has exploded with regard to black America. N bomb is a euphemism for the highly repugnant and totally unacceptable six letter racist slur beginning with the latter n, ending with the letter r and containing a double g in the middle. It appears to me that while not entirely similar, there is […]