Strange isn’t it, that the very same institutions that have adopted a zero tolerance towards hate speech seem to have no problem whatsoever when that hate speech hides behind boycott banners? Am I missing something? Why is it completely verboten to say nasty things about Jews on campus, but totally acceptable to call the Jewish State an apartheid state (I […]


Now that life has returned to normal for the vast majority of delegates to this year’s AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) convention, I take this opportunity to reflect on the future of AIPAC.  As a Jew and as a member of the Dallas Jewish community, I should be especially proud of AIPAC, especially since Lillian Pinkus, a landsman is […]


This past Friday evening, I learned that a basketball game had taken place up in Massachusetts, between the all-boys Catholic Memorial School and Newton North High School which has a sizable Jewish population. According to the article, students from Newton North High began calling out Sausage Fest, alluding to the fact that Catholic Memorial was all male. This prompted students […]


My father of blessed memory was on to something, when in a moment of despair in the late 1960’s he exclaimed: Back in the day, we sent a child to college to become a mentsch; today we send a child to college and the child comes out a Chaya (wild animal). If my father were alive today, he most likely […]

For Some, Guilty is as Difficult to Say as Zbigniew

Oifen Ganniv brent dos Hittel is a fabulous Yiddish saying that came to mind recently, when I read that Zbigniew Ziobro, Poland’s Justice Minister is planning to unveil plans to make it illegal to refer to Auschwitz-Birkenau, Treblinka and Sobibor as Polish Death Camps. Literally translated, the aforementioned Yiddish aphorism tells us that the hat worn by the thief burns […]