Memo to his Holiness: As one clergyman to another, I offer you what I hope and pray is a sagacious piece of advice. Cool it on global warning! Wouldn’t you agree that there are more important things on your agenda than global warming, in that a significant percentage of Catholics in this country don’t believe that global warming is caused […]

Run Chassidim, Run

Say the word Chassid and an image of a bearded, black-hatted coreligionist is conjured up. The word Chassid however has a secondary meaning as well. A Chassid is a devout follower of a personage upon whom the Chassid has accorded bigger than life status. In contemporary English, it is fair to say that a Chassid is a groupie. And while […]


It had to happen. Sooner or later, “reality TV” had to go beyond the boundary of acceptability. Ice Road Truckers (which I did watch –after all it was based in my home town of Winnipeg, Canada) was one thing; Naked and Afraid (which I have no intention of watching) was quite something else. How is one to respond however to […]