The Europeans may seem different to you… but to them you are exactly the same. This was the upshot of a 2 minute video cartoon that depicts the Israeli pretty much the same way that Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Minister of Propaganda, depicted the Jew. Such a video is unfortunately difficult to dismiss, because it is bound to touch a raw […]

A Little Bit Louder Now

Sometimes my naiveté astounds me! So there I was sitting and listening to a well-meaning moron, speaking about how local Jewish leaders ought to respond to the most recent repugnant acts of anti-Semitism in Europe. A petition? That would surely cause Jew haters to quake in their boots! Letters to Washington? I can already hear Jew haters crying “uncle”! A […]


Only don’t tell me you’re innocent, because it insults my intelligence and makes me very angry. Although these words were spoken by a fictitious Michael Corleone to his fictitious brother-in-law, Carlo Rizzi in the movie Godfather I, they took on a very real meaning to me last week, not once, but twice. Mark Oppenheimer who writes the Beliefs column which […]


I doubt very much that Flesh of my Flesh, an article that appeared in the New York Times Magazine last weekend created a stir among “Black Hats”, especially Satmar. For one thing, the audience it desperately needed to reach does not read “goyish” publications. For another thing, why read, when you will end up asking your Rabbi. And what he […]