The Dallas Morning News was not the only newspaper to feature a front page article earlier this week on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. Not by a long shot. There was no shortage of commentary and reporting on that one concentration camp in Nazi occupied Poland that came to be synonymous with the Holocaust. What most, if […]

A Real Winner

I like Michael Douglas. Being the romanticist that I am, I pine for a president who has the stature of the fictitious Andrew Shepard, the role Mr. Douglas played in the 1995 movie the American President. If Michael Douglas were to show up at Tiferet for service, I would consider it an honor if he would accept an invitation to […]


Most of us are familiar with the lyrics of the song Love and Marriage. When it comes to comparisons however, horses and carriages are not limited to dating and mating. Love and marriage is not the only duo that goes together like a horse and carriage. Religion and culture are also inextricably intertwined. Following the most recent outbreak of Islamofascism […]


As prescient as Theodore Herzl was back in 1897 in envisioning a Jewish State within 50 years, (he was one year off in his prediction) the Zionist leader had it all wrong when he foresaw a Jewish homeland as an antidote for anti-Semitism. If anything, Israel has now become the breeding ground for that poisonous disease otherwise known as anti-Semitism […]