Thanks, but No Thanks

While it’s highly questionable just how many Americans are going to take a moment to pause and truly give thanks before they sit down to gobble up the Turkey set before them this Thursday, perhaps there is some food for thought in realizing, that for a great many Jews in this country, the fourth Thursday in November is a time […]

Liar Education

Last week, a video forwarded to me by a congregant confirmed that there exists a disgusting disconnect between school and university. Institutes of “higher” learning have shown time and time again that they are dismal failures capable of sinking to the lowest depths in three specific areas. It’s been years now since the American public has been sent the never-ending […]


An online dictionary defines tush as an exclamation of disapproval. Personally, I’m hesitant to use such an exclamation when it comes to the ongoing fracas created by Hareidi (Black Hat) Jews refusing to be seated in their assigned place, if it means spending the flight to Ben Gurion Airport beside a woman. Thirteen years ago, after settling down into my […]

Of Stains and Stains

“This will leave a permanent stain on the rabbinate”! So exclaimed a fellow rabbi, in response to the recent travesty that took place in Washington D.C. after Barry Freundel, spiritual leader of Kesher Israel Congregation was arrested and charged with voyeurism for hiding a camera in the showers in the mikvah of his synagogue. Yet, one need not be a […]