Parsha of the Week

Our Rabbinic sages felt that it was crucial that the Five Books of Moses be studied from beginning to end on a yearly cycle.  Accordingly, they divided the Five Books of Moses into fifty readings in that a typical Jewish Calendar year has fifty weeks. The weekly division is referred to as a Sidrah or Parsha.

The Parsha of the Week through September 20:

April 26          Kedoshim

May 3             Emor

May 10           Behar

May 17           Bechukotai

May 24           Bemidbar

May 31           Naso

June 7            Beha’alotecha

June 14          Shelach

June 21          Korach

June 28          Chukat

July 5             Balak

July 12           Pinchas

July 19           Matot

July 26           Masei

August 2         Devarim – Shabbat Chazon

August 9        Va’etchanan – Shabbat Nachamu

August 16      Ekev

August 23      Re’eh

August 30      Shoftim

September 6  Ki Tetzay

September 13 Ki Tave

September 20 Nitzavim Va-Yelech